• C9550-412  :  IBM Business Process Management Express or Standard Edition V8.5.5, BPM Application Development

C9550-412  :  IBM Business Process Management Express or Standard Edition V8.5.5, BPM Application Development

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Updated: 2017-06-15
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Question No. 1:

A tire production company requests to be informed via email if new custom-tire requests approvals take too long. If 20 approval steps take longer than 2 hours, management must be informed.

How does a BPM application developer solve this request?

The BPM application developer creates:

  1. A scheduler which queries the database and sends a mail if the condition is met.
  2. A SLA with a “Violated N times over period” trigger and “send mail to“ as the Consequence.
  3. A SLA with a “Violated N times over period” trigger and “starts a service“ as the Consequence.
  4. Tracking points or activates auto tracking and creates a report which shows the required approval-period. The customer can supervise the SLA themselves.

Answer: B


Question No. 2:

A BPM application developer needs to create a custom dashboard to show maximum, minimum and average sales in the last 12 months. Only the Sales Managers can view the data in the dashboard in the Process Portal

In the Exposing section of the custom dashboard, which setting must the BPM application developer set for the Sales Managers to view the data?

  1. Set the “Expose to” field to Sales Managers.
  2. Set the “Expose to Start” field to Sales Managers.
  3. Set the “Expose to Business Data” field to Sales Managers.
  4. Set the “Expose to Performance Metrics” field to Sales Managers.

Answer: A


Question No. 3:

A BPM application developer has enabled auto-tracking for car tire production process and run the Update Tracking Definitions command in Process Designer. During a playback, the BPM application developer is asked to rename the auto-tracking group from “at1392376481525” to “tireProduction” and run Update Tracking Definitions again

When building a custom dashboard, what resource should the BPM application developer use to retrieve the data?

  1. The “tireProduction” view for the “tireProduction” table.
  2. The “tireProduction” view for the “at1392376481525” table.
  3. The “at1392376481525” view for the “tireProduction” table.
  4. The “at1392376481525” view for the “at1392376481525” table.

Answer:  B


Question No. 4:

A BPM application developer is reviewing a business process built by colleague. The process is an application that uses business objects based on an industry standard data model and uses several integrations to back end systems that also use the data model

The process has been through a pre-production test cycle and is not performing well. The main area of concern is with the BPM Client Side Human Services where the Coaches take too long to appear in the browser when the task is claimed.

Which of the following BPM factors should the BPM application developer include their review of the badly performing Client Side Human Services (choose 2)

  1. Execution of complex validation services.
  2. Boundary events associated with services.
  3. Size of business objects bound to Coach views.
  4. Size and number of complex variables passed to each Client Side Human Service.
  5. The number of intermediate events associated with each other Client Side Human Service.

Answer: C, D


Question No. 5:

How are 3 editions, Express, Standard and Advanced, of IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.5 differentiated? (Choose 2)

  1. Advanced Edition has built in ESB and SOA capabilities.
  2. Standard Edition and Advanced Edition support BPEL and BPMN.
  3. Express Edition and Standard Edition support load balancing.
  4. Express Edition is limited in number of cores and number of users.
  5. Express Edition and Standard Edition support Intel and Power Platforms.

Answer: A, D

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