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C5050-285  :  IBM Cloud Platform Application Development v1

C5050-285  :  IBM Cloud Platform Application Development v1

C5050-285  :  IBM Cloud Platform Application Development v1

Vendor :IBM
Exam Code :C5050-285
Availability :Ready to Download
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  • Questions & Answers : 76

Below are 5 sample Qs & Ans for C5050-285 of JUNE month real exam, all the old Qs & Ans were removed from our Latest C5050-285.PDF

Question No.: 1
Which component is responsible for managing the deployment of an application running in IBM Bluemix PaaS?

A) Health Manager
B) Load Balancer
C) Cloud Controller
D) Router

Answer : C

Question No.: 2)
For an application running on IBM Bluemix Paas, What is dispayed when using the --recent option with the cf logos command?

A) Only error messages from the application
B) All ther messages from the applications log buffer
C) An ongoing stream of the messages from the application
D) Only debug messages from the application

Answer: B

Question No.: 3)
What is requireed when using IBM Bluemix Live Sync's Debug Feature to debug a Node.js application in IBM Bluemix PaaS?

A) The application must include code to enable debugging
B) Additional file storage must be added to the application
C) The npm package called ibmdebug must be listed as a dependency in package json
D) The application must usethe IBMSDK for Node.js buildpack

Answer: D

Question No.: 4)
How is support for scrum development enabled for a project in IBM Bluemix DevOps Services

A) It is configured in the Project's dashboard
B) It is selected at project creation time
C) It is selected during creation of a work item
D) It is automatically added to all Projects

Answer: B

Question No.: 5)
In IBM Bluemix Paas, What capabilities does the development mode for Eclipse tools for Bluemix Provide

A) Uses the DevOps Service of IBM Bluemix to provide syntax checking for applications
B) Dump an application checkpoint for profiling
C) Prvents a large numder of users from using the application while it is still development
D) Allows a developer to find, troubleshoot and resolve errors in a running application

Answer: D

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