• A00-220 : SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics, and Visual Exploration

A00-220 : SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics, and Visual Exploration

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Below are 5 Demo sample Q&A that matches with real A00-220 exam, once payment is done full .PDF will be uploadedQuestion No. 1There are two visualizations given in the area:When a bar is selected in the bar chart, the markers in the scatter plot that correspond to the selected value in the bar area are highlighted. This feature used in SAS Visual Analytics Explorer called: A)           Report level display rules B)            Data Brushing C)            Conditional Highlighting D)           File interactionAnswer: B Question No. 2How does a content developer determine whether the values of a measure data item are unique. A)           Display the data item properties of the measure to determine if the measure is unique B)            Open the data source details window, and compare total rows and returned rows. C)            Open the measure details window, and compare the total rows and distinct count statistic. D)           Open the data properties window, and compare the aggregations.Answer: C Question No. 3In SAS Visual Analytics, The data Item date displays with the month. Day and year(MMDDYYYY) how does a content developer display only the year in the visualizations or report object. A)           In the data properties tab change the format of the data item to year. B)            Format the data item using the roles tab in the right pane C)            Select measure Details and change the format of the data item to year D)           Right click on the data item and select New Aggregated MeasureAnswer: A Question No. 4A content developer has created an exploration in SAS Visual Analytics Explorer with a large number of visualizations. How can the developer manipulate the display of the visualizations. A)           Minimize visualizations to the dock pane B)            Mark visualizations as hidden from the properties tab C)            Change the size of the visualizations from the view menu D)           Overlap the visualizations with precision layout.Answer: A  Question No. 5In a data job, to filter rows of data for a specific field from a database table, which node would you select for optimal Performance. A)           Data Source Node B)            Data Validation Node C)            External data Provider Node D)           SQL Query NodeAnswer: B
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